Ironwood Partners, LLC Lean Management Systems and Patient Capital
Investment Contract

Our Fund

Investment Objective
Ironwood Manufacturing Fund, LP invests in middle market manufacturing and distribution companies and utilizes lean management systems to deliver dramatic improvements in operating profitability, asset efficiency and revenue growth.

Ironwood Manufacturing Fund II, LP also invests in middle market manufacturing and distribution companies that can benefit from the implementation of lean business systems.  Fund II may also invest in companies which may not involve the implementation of lean management principles and practices where our expertise and experience make us a value-added partner

Investment Size
Up to $15 million from the funds, with additional capital available as needed from co-investors (limited partners and other investment relationships)
  • Equity investments in middle market manufacturing companies with enterprise values up to $100 million for buyouts, recapitalizations and growth
  • Implementation of lean business practices and acquisition-driven growth
  • Long term strategies – improve and build
  • Hands-on oversight and collaboration
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