Ironwood Partners, LLC Lean Management Systems and Patient Capital
Investment Contract
Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Manufacturing and distribution businesses with the principal base of operations in North America
  • Enterprise values of $100 million or less
  • Operationally stable; can be underperforming, but not broken
  • Experienced in working with corporate divestitures, family-owned businesses, and financial owners
  • Seek control or shared control; welcome reinvestments by sellers
  • Moderately leveraged capital structures to allow operating flexibility
Emphasis on performance improvement and growth
  • Implementation of lean management systems
  • Growth from targeted investment in internal opportunities as well as complementary acquisitions
  • Active portfolio company oversight
  • Recruit management to augment existing talent
  • Board of Directors (Ironwood’s partners and recruit independent members)
  • Access to distinguished Advisory Board, extensive network of operating executives, and third party expertise where appropriate
  • Will also consider investments where implementing lean business systems is not applicable, where Ironwood's experience lets us invest smartly and be a value-added partner with management
Value added capital
  • Our experience makes our capital more attractive
  • Welcome equity reinvestment by management and selling owners
Long term investments with broad range of liquidity alternatives
  • Strategic buyer
  • Financial buyer/management
  • Recapitalization
  • Hold and continue growth - no pressure to sell prematurely
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