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Attributes of Desirable Acquisition Candidates

Attributes of Desirable Acquisition Candidates

  • A revenue base that provides both a manageable size for timely and effective implementation of operational improvements and a robust platform for follow-on acquisitions
  • Underachieving operational results, but not turnaround situations; often improperly capitalized
  • Proprietary products, services or processes, not “job shops” or low value-added contract manufacturers; non-commodity product categories that are differentiated by factors other than price and are less vulnerable to competition-based countries with very inexpensive labor
  • Unconcentrated and stable customer base
  • Industries that are neither highly concentrated nor abnormally cyclical, where success is more dependent on operational execution than technological advances or brand identification
  • Industries where the fragmented structure provides opportunities for follow-on acquisitions
  • Talented management teams that understand and can effectively implement lean management systems, low-cost global sourcing and/or production strategies, new product/ market growth strategies, and acquisition-driven growth strategies
  • Companies satisfying these criteria will likely include private businesses whose owners are seeking growth capital, restructuring capital, or partial or complete liquidity, and non-core divisions of large corporations.
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